Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sales Presentation Tip

Sales Presentation Tip #13 of 15: Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make in Their Financial Presentations. Failure to Clearly Define the Exit Strategy. Your prospects as well as clients get inundated about how to create wealth. Deep down, your prospects want to hear how they are going to have a steady stream of cash flow when they want to spend their day collecting sea shells in Maui! This is a great opportunity for you to share your "financial exit strategy" as well as some of your most successful clients' strategies. This emotional bond with the audience will distinguish you from your competitors.

It's ironic that today we would be talking about clearly defining the exit strategy for your clients because tomorrow I will be attending an all day conference for entrepreneurs. The conference is the Rockies Ventures Club 18th annual Denver conference. A chosen group of entrepreneurs will give presentations to Venture Capitalists-I hope they have been reading this blog because Venture Capitalists are a tough audience!

I'll report back to you about the good, bad and ugly sales presentations that I will witness tomorrow!

Steve Mertz
Exit Strategies are Critical!

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