Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sales Presentation Tip: The TV Interview

A TV interview can be a great opportunity to promote your company and product or a miserable flop. A great way to prepare for this public speaking venture is to tape up a black piece of paper in your home and office. Put it in several different places and when you are near it look right at that paper and practice the critical points you hope to make! Make that black paper your best friend.

On my first TV interview the interviewer was in a completely different room than me. When it came time for the interview the remote camera positioned itself in front of me and it was Show Time! Fortunately, I had practiced with that black paper and the interview went well. Don't forget to look right into that camera not to the side or up or down!

Another TV interview tip: If you are being interviewed as an "expert" on a particular subject you might include some questions or guidelines that the interviewer might cover. Generally, as long as they are not too self promoting-they are appreciated by the interviewer to get to the heart of the matter!

Last tip: If they tell you your interview will be one minute and thirty eight seconds-they mean it, so be concise and don't ramble! They also may cut your time or increase it so have "modules" to your speech that you can either add or subtract to your presentation!

Steve Mertz
Lights, Cameras..Action!


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