Monday, May 22, 2006

Part 5 of 15: Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make in Financial Presentations

No Great Stories. Some of those great "campfire stories" may help you weave compelling and memorable stories in your sales presentations. A great story helps us paint a picture in our minds and is a great way to anchor one of your major points in sales presentations. Some of the great stories that help entertain your friends and colleagues may be a good starting point-even if you are the CEO of your company.

For example if your company has a great new product that you are showcasing for big$$$ clients you could say this: "Our Easy DECON DF200 is an EPA approved decontamination solution which effectively neutralizes chemical and biological agents, developed by Sandia National Labs."

You may also consider this approach: "Two days after hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana I got a call from Charlie Jones of the EPA. The EPA needed an office decontaminated from fungus and offered us the job on a no bid basis. I left on the next flight and a week later Charlie and his staff of twenty were up and running in the building we had neutralized with our DECON DF200 solution!"

We covered a lot of ground by adding a short story and including a ringing third party endorsement! For you PowerPoint users Imagine the impact of Charlie's image and hearing his endorsement!

Steve Mertz
Master Story Teller!

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