Thursday, May 18, 2006

Part 3 of 15: Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make in Financial Presentations

Lecturing to Audiences. I know you are simply sharing your brilliance but it can come off sounding like you are lecturing. Make it more conversational and invite comments and experiences from the audience. This is kind of a "clubby" post for those who have been in the trenches as an financial professional. When I got out of training with Merrill Lynch our class was told that we now knew more than 90% of the people on the street. They meant to give us some self assurance but sometimes financial professionals can become a little over zealous in their new found knowledge :) If it were really true that fear and greed were the only motivators for money it would be much simpler to give presentations!

I've seen countless sales presentations where the speaker gives the presentation and at the end asks for questions-Don't do this! You want to end on a powerful note so entertain questions before the end of your presentation. Temper enthusiasm and knowledge with interaction from your audience-they will love you for it.

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Steve Mertz
Don't Preach-Be Inclusive!

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