Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sales Training With an International Perspective

When I give tips about sales presentation training I am usually referencing my experiences in the United States. I live here in Denver, Colorado and like most Americans, I'm guilty of not fully acknowledging the global community. This morning I looked at where some of my guests were coming from: Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and Taiwan to name a few. Thank you to all of my international audience. If I make a blunder would you please feel free to comment and set me straight! :)

When I go to an organization I kind of stick out because of my crutches but at least I don't have them painted neon green with purple racing stripes! As you and your company goes abroad for sales presentations it might be useful to accustom yourself with international etiquette and accepted business attire. For example, Joe Sharkey writes a column for the New York Times called "On The Road." He mentioned in his article this morning of the time he showed up at a business conference in Tokyo, in July, wearing tan suit. According to him, he may as well have been wearing sandals, white socks and a T-shirt with a beer company's logo! That's not a pretty picture is it-and certainly not a way to kick off a major sales presentation. Our friends in Tokyo wear dark suits in business settings and it is our obligation to know this before we head out.

Sharkey recommends a book called "Global Business Etiquette: A Guide to International Communication and Customs" by MaLillian Chaney and Jeanette Martin. I've not read the book but you may want to peruse it before you and your team head out for your next international sales presentation-Good luck and welcome to all my international guests!
Steve Mertz
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