Thursday, April 13, 2006

Taking Your Sales Presentation to The Next Level

Debbie Weil was one of my first exposures to corporate blogging. She was recently blogging about how your personal appearance can be so much a part of your schtick if you're a speaker or presenter-Now you know the real reason I wear those crutches! :) She includes a very funny video for your viewing enjoyment to this point.

She also mentions that she is currently working with a tremendous speaking coach, to take her speaking skills to the next level. She comments: "It's humbling, a little painful...and fascinating (in a weird way) to watch yourself on video and realize how many ways you can improve your delivery."

That's why I encourage you to tape your sales presentation before you give the real deal in front of that important client! Lastly, let me make an important point-you have to actually watch your video and be willing to work on improving your skills! :)

Steve Mertz
I Couldn't Resist!

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