Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Drawing Your audience In

One of the world's top corporate speakers is Steve Jobs of Apple Computer. When Jobs speaks he goes out of his way to delight and surprise his audiences. He is also very well prepared and makes his sales presentation seem so effortless! This comes from hours and hours of practice-not because he is a gifted speaker by nature.

You can read more about his presentations in these tips given by Carmine Gallo, who writes for Business Week and is a sales presentation coach. One thing that Jobs always does in his presentations, usually near the end, is to say:"And one more thing." Audiences love to be surprised and feel they are getting an "inside scoop." Now imagine Jobs in front of an audience and he pauses, looks one person in the eyes, leans slightly forward, drops his voice, and says: "And one more thing." Can you visualize the power that he just added to his sales presentation? Can't you feel how he drew the entire audience in by dropping his voice?

Since I walk on crutches it is not comfortable for me standing in one place for any period of time. Consequently, I remain seated for the majority of my presentation and have used this technique very successfully to keep the audience engaged and delighted! Whether you are giving your sales presentation at a conference or in front of a three person committee, this sales technique will increase your impact.

I would love to tell you that I figured this out all by myself but...Even a sales presentation coach gets coaching and my coach in this instance was the fabulous Victoria Labalme That's her on the left. Go ahead, try this technique in front of the mirror or in front of your dog-you will be impressed by it's power!

Steve Mertz
Draw Your Audience In!

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