Monday, March 20, 2006

This Weeks Carnival of the Capitalists is being hosted this week at CaseySoftware.The Carnival of Capitalists is a weekly collection of articles covering a range of business topics. The topics this week include: Business Development, entrepreneurship, Financial, Legal, Micro ISV, Misc Management, Personal Development, Personnel and Planning.
I have an entry this week in The Carnival of the Capitalists as well. It is titled The Art of The Handshake. Imagine all of the work that a company goes through to get that opportunity to give a presentation for a multi million dollar contract. Now imagine, that you are being introduced to an important committee member and he remembers your handshake being like a dead fish! That will be his first and maybe lasting impression! Practice your handshake before your sales presentations!
I'm sure you will get a lot of great business ideas and read some new blogs at this weeks Carnival of Capitalists.

If your business would like to gain this kind of exposure you can submit your post using this all inclusive Carnival form over at The Cool Cat.

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