Friday, March 10, 2006

Casual Friday's and Sales Presentations

It's casual Friday and you and your team have a big sales presentation to make. It's casual Friday for "the committee", not you and your team. May I suggest you stop and look in the mirror, and then go put on your suit and tie. Ladies don't seem to struggle with this as much as men. We men can make some awful fashion statements by trying to be spiffy for casual Friday's. Ladies, it goes without saying, that you too, should dress the part. If there is ever a doubt about what to wear, dress up not down. If you get to the sales presentation and you are invited to take off your tie and or sport coat to get more comfortable-that's great. Whether we like it or not people do judge us by first impressions. They don't know yet that your new product is going to increase their efficiency 50% and increase their profit margins three fold. They can't get past your unshined shoes, wrinkled pants and casual shirt that needs ironed! Don't put yourself in this position-go back to the room, make the change, and give them a stellar sales presentation! Have a great day.

Steve Mertz
Fashion Expert for the Day


Blogger Rajen Devadason said...

Dear Steve,

I love your new blog. I have been on both sides of the boardroom table, giving the all-important presentation and receiving it. I fully understand what you mean about having to be ready for that one shot at the business.

Your new blog will go a long way toward helping readers understand what needs to be done to put forth an aura of credibility to go along with their high calibre products.

Warmest regards,


11:15 AM  
Blogger Steve Mertz said...

Rajen, thanks so much for your input. We will attempt to bring the best ideas to this blog! Steve

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Gavin Ingham said...


In the UK there is a TV programme called Dragon's Den where the players face several millionaires to pitch their business idea and try and get investment.

The other day one of the "dragons" simply looked at the player and said that he would not invest in him because he thought he was dressed inappropriately. Ouch!

1st impressions count.

8:24 AM  

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