Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sales Presentations Without Powerpoint

Seth Godin, the marketing guru and agent of change, had a recent comment about "the best presentation." Like me, Seth has been Powerpointed to death at countless presentations. His main thought and conclusion was this: The best presentation might be no presentation. "If you're going to bother to do something, you ought to do it very well indeed. Otherwise, don't. Don't show up. Don't waste your time (or mine.)"
Well, that obviously it not an option for those of you giving a sales presentation this upcoming Monday morning for a $50 million dollar contract! For those of you who are going to subject your audience to Powerpoint purgatory in your sales presentation-here are some points you may wish to consider:
1. Don't ever read from your slide-I've figured out how to read all by myself. The slide should be an emphasis of a key point. Summarize the point concisely.
2. Throw out 50% of the slides you were going to show in your sales presentation-most of them are fillers or a crutch.
3. Explain your main points in English and always try to humanize your presentation. Rather than tell me I should or the importance of...Tell me a compelling story that makes the point much more eloquently than Powerpoint.
4. Words are so powerful-if I say the word Hawaii, I'll bet you see the ocean,palm trees, beautiful flowers and plants, right? Your mind did not spell out the word H-a-w-a-i-i. Be sure you use powerful, emotional words in your sales presentation.
5. Write out your entire presentation so you can see if you are using compelling words and hitting key points,and who knows, maybe adding just the right touch of humor!
6. Practice and then practice some more-there is no substitute.
Here is a link to Seth's article and best wishes on your sales presentation!
Steve Mertz
Leave Your Powepoint At Home


Anonymous Gavin Ingham said...


Good advice. Powerpoint is designed to add to your presentation. Salespeople should ask themselves if Powerpoint adds value.

If it doesn't then leave it at home unless not having one is a switch off for that particular client. In this case, keep it simple and visual.

8:21 AM  

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