Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Public Speaking Fears

Will your public speaking fears blow your next sales presentation? Recently, I had the pleasure of hearing an interview with the actor Peter Coyote. Peter believes that the biggest fear that your audience has is being embarrassed. Interesting thought isn't it? Many executives that we work with are of the mind frame that they don't want to be embarrassed at a major sales presentation. Let's look closer..Your audience will be embarrassed and uncomfortable if they sense you are ill at ease and not prepared. They sense this in a minute and they are particularly brutal if you and your team are not prepared-they are thinking aren't they "worth" your best effort? I find one of the best things you can do in a presentation is pick one person out in the crowd, make eye contact, direct a few comments their way and repeat this to another person. If the "person" is a six member committee deciding if you are going to get the multi-million dollar contract-I would encourage you to follow the same tact.
What about the one person who looks totally disengaged?
If you do enough presentations you will be subjected to the one committee person who is scowling, arms crossed, not buying anything you say. Maybe, maybe not. He could be sitting there wondering where he left that important document-he may not be judging you and your company's merits at all. Do not concentrate on this individual! Yes, it's unfortunate but stick to your game plan and continue to give your sales presentation with conviction. Best wishes and if you and your team need presentation training in the near future fire up the G5 Gulfstream, point it to Denver and help is on the way!

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