Thursday, March 23, 2006

Carnival of the Vanities at Blogger Idol

The longest running Carnival on the internet is the Carnival of the Vanities, this is the 183rd edition! The week, Daniel Harrison of Blogger Idol is the capable host.

This weeks Carnival of the Vanities features some of the best original thoughts on the internet. The topics at the Carnival of the Vanities includes topics on Culture, Advice, Religion, Humor, Economics and Personal-something for everyone!

I have an entry this week in the Carnival of the Vanities entitled The Art of the Handshake. The article recounts the time that Barbara Corcoran shook the hand of Donald Trump. Barbara built a multi-million dollar real estate business from the ground up and I have a lot of respect for her tenacity. When she met Trump at a business meeting, his handshake was like a dead fish-she immediately did not trust him going forward. Many businesses I work with spend so much time to get in front of decision makers. Don't let a poor handshake set the tone of the meeting!

If your business would like to participate in upcoming Carnival of the Vanities you may go over an submit an all inclusive Carnival form at The Conservative Cat. It is an excellent way for your business to gain exposure to new market opportunities.

Meanwhile, go over to Blogger Idol and enjoy reading this week's posts! Thanks for coming by!

Steve Mertz
Enjoy the Carnival

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Blogger Brad Montgomery said...

Steve! This is great stuff. Thanks my man!

Brad Montgomery

1:49 PM  
Blogger Steve Mertz said...

Thanks Brad, the Carnival is a great way for your business to gain exposure. I look forward to seeing you in the Carnival very soon :-)

8:14 PM  

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