Tuesday, May 16, 2006

15 Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make in Financial Presentations

Robert Louis Stevenson: "Everyone lives by selling something."

Salespeople make it all happen and there is nothing I enjoy more than being around that energy and creativity. Having been an Investment Advisor for 15 years I gave and saw hundreds of sales presentations. In the next few weeks I am going to outline the 15 biggest mistakes that salespeople are making in their presentations before our coaching sessions. Master these mistakes and you will increase substantially increase your closing ratio!

1. Weak Opening. Don’t open your presentation talking about you and your firm. This information should be in front of your prospect in the hand out you have given them. When you open, don’t waffle, get to the point and “sing your best song.” If you and your significant other paid $500 a ticket to be in the front row of the Rolling Stones concert you want Mick to strut out, singing one of your favorites-not something you have never heard, on their new album.

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