Friday, May 19, 2006

Part 4 of 15: Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make in Financial Presentations

It's All About Me. It's all about getting an appointment and getting millions under management. Make sure you make it all about your audience and the value you will provide. Here's my favorite technique(Yes, I do use this) to measure your effectiveness. Type out your entire presentation and then get some colored markers. For all the facts in your presentation, highlight them in red. For all you witty humor, highlight that in green. For audience participation, highlight in blue. Now, step back and look at your masterpiece-What you see no green, very little blue and a sea of red-go back to the drawing board!

I feel like I've been hacking away at financial professionals and the financial industry...but this really is a great technique for anyone doing any public speaking. I won't take credit for this idea because I learned this from either Susan Carnahan (on the left)

or Glenna Salsbury-two of my very favorite speakers and members of National Speakers Association. Glenna actually takes this one step further and has her material color coded with her at the podium. So, judging by the audiences reactions she can add or subtract material as needed! She is also the consumate professional so you may want to practice before you try this on a live audience!

Try this technique and I promise you will see a dramatic improvement in your sales presentations-or I will give you a free hours coaching! You can't lose :)

Steve Mertz
Ladies & Gentlemen Start Coloring!

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