Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sales Presentation Tip #11 of 15

Losing Sight of The Goal is #11 of Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make in Their Presentations. The goal of a sales presentation is to get an appointment and get more money under management. An important part of your sales strategy is to give the prospects so many benefits of your expertise that the only reasonable next step is to engage you for all their needs.

Remember the old "T" bar example of features vs benefits? It's still very applicable today when preparing for a sales presentation. Make sure that you are giving your audience benefits and not features of your services.

I will confess to being a major offender of this when I was actively giving financial sales presentations. It's easy to feel so naked in front of a huge audience and the tendency is to tell them everything you know. My real fear was that they might question my knowledge and wisdom. Don't fall into this trap-trust yourself and leave them "hungry" for more of your knowledge and expertise. Keep on goal and let your sales presentation work to accomplish your goal of an appointment!

Steve Mertz
Remember "The Goal"

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