Thursday, June 15, 2006

Business Presentations That Impact Your Career!

For all of those of you who have wondered if there really was a Christie Ward, Sales Presentation Trainer extraordinaire-Please enjoy the following:

For the third year in a row, I was training business presentation skills to the new hires at Johnson & Johnson last week. One of my graduates from the program the year before stopped in to tell me about an experience she had shortly after being part of the group last year. Kelly said that a few days after the class, she was asked to give a presentation. Fresh from the class, she prepared a captivating opening, a solid close, created opportunities for interaction and used minimal PowerPoint. After watching a A PowerPoint parade of other presentations prior to hers that put you to sleep, she stepped up and delivered her well prepared talk. It was short, but it captured the attention of the senior executives in the room and literally catapulted her career. She has been seen as a rising star ever since. This bright young woman was in a room full of people many years her senior in age and experience, yet she was able to steal the show with her freshly minted presentation skills. She couldn't thank me enough!

The next time you question the value of a presentation coach, think again. What is it costing you to NOT get a coach? How are your presentations perceived? Do you stand out as a rising star or sound like an old falling star that just needs to sit down and be quiet!

There are elements that make a talk successful. You probably even know what they are. You certainly know when someone Doesn't deliver them! Next time you prepare to stand up in front of people who can impact your career, think about consulting a coach ahead of time. We can help! Just talk to anyone who took the time to work with us first.

Christie Ward
The Impact Institute

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