Monday, June 19, 2006

Public Speaking Tip: Follow Baseball's Lead

No...Steroids will not help your public speaking presentations, however an Apple video iPod is a great idea. The Colorado Rockies have started a trend in baseball. Video is downloaded to the iPod so pitchers can study opposing batters as well as see their performance. Great idea and one that is very useful in sales presentation training.

By having your presentations or practice sessions downloaded into an iPod you can critique your presentations as well a see where you can make improvements. I would recommend if you have a good presentation you may want to edit out the blunders so you use this tool for positive feedback!

Christie and I will be offering several new services to our clients including reviewing presentations that you can send to us. Christie will be surprised when she reads this but we are also going to be giving away an Apple video iPod. More details will follow as well as the additional services we will be offering.

Steve Mertz
Baseball, Sales Presentations and iPods!


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