Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Presentation Training and Public Speaking Skills by Phone

Do you have a critical public sales presentation coming soon? Will you be doing a presentation to your peers in the very near future? If you have ever wanted to pick up the phone and get immediate help from experts...Help is now a phone call away.

Beginning next week we will begin offering a monthly subscription service for $97 a month. This includes an initial coaching session with follow up email coaching and a monthly group sales call. This service would be a tune up in between face to face coaching sessions or for those that have an established presentation and want to work on specific issues. These might include the opening or closing of your presentation, presentation structure and incorporating memorable stories in your sales presentations.

There will be discounts for subscribing for a full year and about that free Apple Video iPod-For the first 100 subscribers you will be qualified for the drawing. We will draw one name and that person will get the iPod! We will have further details later in the week as well as a secure site for credit card registration.

We decided to implement this service in addition to our in person coaching sessions we offer because many of you have indicated a desire for a tune up now and then.

Steve Mertz
Phone Coaching Coming Soon!


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