Friday, July 28, 2006

Sales Presentation Question

I recently had an investment advisor send me an email and ask : "If I tell them everything I know-what is their incentive to make an appointment?" A little back ground might be in order. This gentlemen gives one hour presentations, loaded with PowerPoint slides, to retiree's. His ultimate goal is to have them make an appointment so he can present the benefits of immediate annuities.

Everyone in the financial services industry has had this question run through their mind at one time or another...Haven't you? Here are a couple of my observations:

1. You only have an hour, don't overwhelm your audience with all those great facts.

2. Engage the audience and let them participate in the presentation-He was just getting up there and "telling them the facts."

3. Be very candid about the pro and con of the products-Tell your audience who would be the ideal candidate and who would not.

4. Anchor your major points with compelling human interest stories that your audience will remember-not a slide showing what the Dow Jones Average has done since 1926.

5. Tape and or video your presentation-If you can't stand to watch and hear yourself for an hour-Imagine how your poor audience feels!

6. If your product and your "pitch" is a "me too" then it becomes a beauty contest-and you had better be one good looking dude or you will starve!

Any more questions? Write them in the comments section or send them via email.

Steve Mertz
Happy Friday!
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Anonymous Chris Bloor said...

Good article. So often sales people don't work to a plan. It helps to know what you want to achieve.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous John Asher said...

I'd tell the advisor that they don't need to give everything, and certainly not all the "how-to". Give them an example all the way through, then tell them what they need to do for the rest, taking them to the brink of the answer. I wouldn't make it look like I was holding anything back, rather just leave that part out. This way they are encouraged to contact us for more if they are greatly interested (prequalifies our contacts)

9:17 AM  
Anonymous CRM Solutions said...

Great post. Point number 4 is really a valid & good point. I admire it.

2:26 AM  

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