Sunday, July 09, 2006

Public Speaking Tip: Don't Speak Off The Cuff!

Last week I was speaking with a potential client who wanted executive speech coaching. He has an important meeting coming up and needs to convey an important shift in corporate culture. He told me: " I feel I speak pretty well off the cuff."

Here are some of my top reasons on why you might not want to speak off the cuff when you are delivering a very important public presentation:

1. You will have a tendency to waffle on your opening and not have a killer opening.
2. It's very easy to forget key points.
3. It's easy to dilute your message by leaving your key points and speaking completely off topic.
4. You are thinking too much about making your presentation and forget to engage the audience in a meaningful way.
5. By jumping around from point to point without an orderly transition and tie in-your audience becomes confused and then bored!
6. You have a tendency not to anchor key points with memorable stories.
7. You forget the "call to action"
8. You don't have a strong close for your presentation.

The art of great public speaking is having a fabulous presentation that you have rehearsed until you are blue in the face and having your audience feel that you were speaking "just to me" in a conversational manner!!

Steve Mertz
Public Speaking is an Art!

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