Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sales Presentation Tip: The Platform is a Privilege!

National Speakers Association has always taught us that when we have the platform it is a privilege and should be treated as such. So, as I reviewed Guy Kawasaki's public speaking presentation I had mixed emotions. As an entrepreneur I found myself jotting notes and smiling. However, as a professional speaker I was cringing. Kawasaki wasted the first seven minutes of his presentation warming up and waffling on the opening. Why would you use offensive language if you know it will offend your audience? Why wouldn't you respect the audience and meeting planner by adhering to the allotted time?

I've been following Kawasaki's career since he stopped schleping diamonds and became the chief evangelist for the Macintosh-Quite an accompishment in itself! I've always known that his ego is bigger than the Grand Canyon-and for an entrepreneur that can be a good thing. I am disappointed that a grown man has to induce an audience into a standing ovation when his material can stand on its own merit. I find all of his other antics to be a distraction. Where do you stand?

Steve Mertz
Great Presentations Stand On Their Own Merit!

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