Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sales Presentations Tip: Make Your Audience Gasp

Have you ever shown a PowerPoint slide and have your audience gasp-in an awe struck, marvelous way? You know you've won the presentation battle at that point. I recently witnessed this very event at The Colorado Capital Conference that I've mentioned before. The firm was TheraTogs, Inc and they were presenting to venture capitalists, seeking additional funds for expansion.

They produce medical gear that helps those with neuromotor issues. They showed a slide of child walking without their product followed by a slide with the child wearing their TheraTog product-the audience and venture capitalists gasped at the marked improvement! That one slide could be the one that brings them in millions of dollars of additional funding.

Do you have that million dollar slide in your sales presentation? This could be an excellent area for you and your team to brainstorm on before your next public speaking engagement. Good luck!

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Steve Mertz
Leave Your Audince in Awe!


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