Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Presentation Skills and Barbecues

David Hornick, one of my favorite venture capitalist writers, has a great post on his blog Venture Blog. Hornick was at a conference discussing vertical search. Someone asked if there was anything left in the search engine arena and Hornick replied that he had spent the week searching for information on the best barbecue for Dad's Day but had come up with little useful information.

Next week an entrepreneur was in front of Hornick to pitch his product. He told Hornick "I understand you are looking for the perfect bar-b-q--We'll I've got it right here." The brochures were a joke but immediately he had captured Hornick's attention.

The entrepreneur had done several things right:
1. He had done his homework.
2. He had caught Hornick's attention
3. He displayed a sense of humor
4. He was able to relate his search product to one of Hornick's problems

A perfect example of what all good public speakers should include in their sales presentation. It doesn't matter if we are pitching an venture capitalist or convincing our financial representatives on the benefits of becoming a wealth manager.
Read Hornick's post here.

Steve Mertz
Barbecues and Search Engines!

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